• solar energy creator

    The Solar-Power-Station is a revolutionary way of cost saving in renewable energy generation.

    The solar panel system converts the sun's energy into mains electricity and seemlessly connects it to your electric meter.

    The electricity generated is recorded by the meter so you only pay for the net amount used. The more Watts you put in, the lower your bill.

  • Plug n play

    The Solar Power Station is easy to set up and plugs straight in to any mains socket just like your kettle. No need for an electrician.

    Installation is simple: secure the solar panels to the aluminium stand and connect the ready made cables. Position on your patio, garden or balcony, anywhere the sun shines. No tools or electrical skills are required, not even a screwdriver.

  • low cost solution

    For only £695, you can start generating your own electricity, reduce your carbon footprint and help save the world.

    Included is a Watt meter which shows how much electricity is being generated.

    The Solar Power System can be set up virtually anywhere and is designed as a step towards energy independence.

Would you like to end your dependence on ever rising electric bills?
Why give money to the electric company every month when it's easy to generate your own electricity?

Harnessing the power of the sun is so easy it can be plugged right into any mains socket!

Plug into any mains socket

What is a Solar Power Station?

Home Solar Power Station Kit

The home solar power kit in a garden

The Solar Power Station is an easy to install, plug n play solar power generator, that doesn't need to be fixed to a roof. The solar panels can be positioned in any sunny area, and tilted to capture the most light. Now you can generate electricity from your garden, patio, balcony, or just about anywhere there is sun.

The Solar Power Station sends energy back into the utility grid via your electric meter, and reduces what you draw from your electricity supplier.


The system consists of high quality solar panels, a Galvanised Steel frame for ground mounting, DC isolator, grid-tie inverter, power meter and cabling that just plugs into a mains socket. The cabling is 5m of professional 4mm single-core solar cable specifically designed for connecting photovoltaic system components. Adding more systems increases the amount of power you can generate.

The DC isolator and inverter are mounted on a wood panel with castors, and can be placed anywhere inside the house, or even hung on the wall.

The Plug N Play Solar Power Station is a great way to get you on the road to energy freedom.

Please note that the inverter cannot be used for powering appliances directly.

The Solar Power Station comes complete with everything you need to start generating your own electricity in less than 15 minutes, and is perfect for those just starting out.

Watch your electric meter spin backwards

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The electric meter in your home or business accurately records in both directions, allowing a no-cost method of effectively measuring the net amount of electricity used.

If no power is being drawn the meter will spin backwards. The more electricity you generate the faster the meter spins, and the lower your electric bill.

Reduce your electric bill

Not only does the Solar Power Station reduce energy bills and CO2 emissions, but any electricity that isn't used - when the property is unoccupied, for example - is automatically exported to the national grid.

The systems connectivity to the electric meter means it will run backwards when generating more power than needed, essentially generating an instant refund. The excess power generated enters the general utility grid, and is passed on to other consumers.

Now you can easily capture the sun's energy and lower your electricity bill.

Save with the Home Solar Power Station Kit

How does the Solar Power Station work?

The solar panels are connected to a grid-tie inverter which is a device that enables solar power users to complement the energy they buy from their electricity supplier with solar power. The inverter converts DC to AC power and sends the extra energy produced back to the utility grid via the electric meter.

The inverter takes advantage of net metering, which spins your meter backwards and allows you to reduce or eliminate your electric bill. Net Metering allows a Solar Power Station owner to receive an instant refund for the energy they create.

The inverter is specifically designed to co-exist with the grid safely, while delivering reliable power to your home or business.

The Solar Power Station gives you all the benefits of utility interconnection without the hassle.

The Solar Power Station connects to the utility grid without the Feed in Tarrif (FiT). You don't need planning or any other permission. You don't need to take part in any schemes, fill out any forms, or contact your energy supplier, and you don't need to be tied to a contract for the next 25 years. It's just you making your own energy.

Home Solar Power Kit in the garden

The home solar power kit

Get started with solar without large upfront cost

Many solar systems on the market today require a large investment and are sold on clairvoyant forecasts of future savings. Buyers are tied to a 25 year contract, run by the government and administered by utility companies.

In contrast, the Solar Power Station can be used anywhere and is ideal for those looking to dip their toe into micro energy creation without the huge startup cost and complex regulations.


No need for a FiT (Feed-in Tarrif)

Home Solar Power Kit - No need for a FiT

The Feed-In Tariff is a Government-backed measure to help the UK meet its legally binding target under the EU Renewable Energy Directive.

All the major electricity companies responded by hiking their prices. British Gas after making £2.2 billion profit in 2010, raised prices by 7%, citing rising government, environmental and transport costs.

The reality is, every year power companies make obscene profits and yet constantly raise prices, making it even more obscene. Governments increase the burden and the manipulation of the energy market in Europe has already led to "Solar Madness", and in the UK, solar energy companies are threatening the government with legal action. See here for the full story

The Solar Power Station does not require FiT, and gives you an instant refund without a 25 year headache. With spiralling energy prices the Solar Power Station helps protect you from these price hikes.


The No.1 reason for going solar


Fukushima, Japan is the latest example of how nuclear power cannot be protected from nature. The full impact may not be measurable for years.

The UK government has granted EDF and others, licences to build 11 nuclear power stations. 450 new reactors are scheduled to be built worldwide by 2030.

This is the problem with nuclear energy
Nuclear Waste 

The nuclear industry have us believe that nuclear power is a safe alternative energy source, even though it leaves a deadly legacy of radioactive waste that remains highly dangerous for tens of thousands of years and costs tens of billions of pounds to manage.

EDF plans to spend 35 billion euros to extend the life of France’s aging nuclear plants and £1 billion in 2011 on the new Hinkley Point nuclear power station in Somerset. All the funds we give them are redirected into nuclear construction.

Since 2010, solar power has become a cheaper source of energy than nuclear. There is no need to build deadly reactors when there are many harmless alternatives. The only way to end these nuclear destruction projects is to create our own energy. For further info on nuclear destruction

Creating our own energy is critical to the survival of the planet!

How to reduce fossil fuels and change the world

Change the World with solar energy

Here is a John Lennon moment :- Imagine the national grid is like the Internet, and imagine that each of us has a solar panel connected to that grid. In theory, light from one side of the world could supply the energy for the night, to those on the other side, and visa versa. There would be no need for fossil fuels and energy would be free and available to the world.

If we all start creating our own energy and become micro generators and connect to the grid, we will not be at the mercy of limited supply.

Solar is good for the soul

Electricity is one of the few resources we can generate ourselves. Making our own electricity reduces dependency on utility companies, financial speculation and government intervention. By creating our own electricity we reduce the demand on the grid. By reducing our energy dependency on others, we become a more liberated safer planet.

See that tiny blue dot above the Sun? That’s our home, superimposed in true scale on the image of the sun.

Earth Relative to the Sun

Solar power stations in action

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600W Home Solar Power Kit
600W Solar Power Station


Q. How much will I save using the solar power station - how long does it take to pay for itself ?
A. The answer depends on the weather and the cost of electricity in the future. Both these factors are unknown. We hope you choose solar because it is a step towards utility independence.

Q. Can I add more solar panels to the system at a later date ?
A. No, the inverter is matched according to the power of the panels and would overload if further panels were added.

Q. Can I install the Solar Power Station to my roof or shed ?
A. Yes. With a few extra fittings from your local DIY shop, you can use the frame to fix the panels to anything you want.

Q. Will the Solar Power Station work on electronic meters ?
A. Yes, but the meter will not go backwards, so you will just be reducing the amount you draw from the grid. If you are generating 300W at any time from the solar panels, that means you will not be drawing 300W from your electricity supplier, effectively giving you an immediate 300W refund.

Q. What is the likely power generated by the 600W Solar Power Station?
A. ... is like asking, "If I plant an apple tree, how many apples will I get?" The sun, the time of day, the weather and the location of the panels dictate how much power is generated.

Installation and setup support

We want to ensure that you have an easy time when setting up your system. No technical skill or knowledge is required, however should you require ANY help we are available to you at that critical time on 07445667033.



We have new frames which add a stylish look to the system.

Each panel now has its own frame.




Solar Power Station 200Wp

SPS200 Solar Power Station

2 x 100 Watt Solar Panels(1190*540*35mm)
Galvanised Steel frame
DC Isolator and Grid Tie Inverter
5m of 4mm solar cable
Power Meter

£695 inc vat

Solar Power Station 600Wp

SPS600 Solar Power Station

6 x 100 Watt Solar Panels(1190*540*35mm)
Galvanised Steel frames
DC Isolator and Grid Tie Inverter
5m of 4mm solar cable
Power Meter

£2000 INC VAT

delivery is approximately 7 - 14 days