Products that use solar energy make for great gifts. These products are innovative, fashion forward and great for certain types of adventures, like camping. When you think about products that use solar energy, what comes to mind? Here are some of the latest solar gift ideas for less than $100.

Have you seen the solar lamps? The Luci Lux solar lamp is one of the models under $100, and it is quite nifty. You’re not just talking about a lamp here. This product can charge your phone! You can also opt to charge the lamp itself via a USB cable when you have the opportunity. It takes about 14 hours of sunlight to fully charge the lamp. The Luci Lux solar lamp features four light modes, a charge indicator, an adjustable strap and it is waterproof.

Another neat gift idea is a charging station. Yet you have to watch because some of these stations can run in the $500 range. THe Nomad 7 Plus Solar Panel is right under $100, making it the perfect gift solution. This particular product features a detachable kickstand, and it is very rugged and modular, making it perfect for travel and the outdoors. The vented pocket helps in terms of temperature regulation. You can charge many types of devices, even 12V devices, but one thing you can’t do with this solar panel is charge your tablet.

Modern flashlights make for great gifts. There are some nifty solar powered flashlights on the market that fall in the $100 range. The Goal Zero Torch 250 Flashlight is one of those products. Not only is this flashlight powered by solar energy, but it features a crank as well. Talk about a great gift that can be used in emergency situations and for those outdoor camping trips.

How about a plant basket? That’s right, there is a plant basket with a light and solar panel for under $100. Talk about providing extra light for a porch or balcony and highlighting the decor at the same time. It certainly sounds like a unique gift that someone would appreciate very much.

Solar string lights make for great gifts, too, and they fall into this price range as well. There are different versions of this type of product available, and there are also LED solar powered lanterns. Or, how about a solar spotlight with color lenses? All of those neat lighting products seem really cool.

A Solar Terrarium is also available for much less than $100. The housing compartment for this product features a sensor that is built in. The product also features jewel-toned glass. The succulents must of course be purchased separately. It makes for a really unique gift idea, don’t you think?

There are other charging kits available, too. Familiarize yourself with the various features of each to determine which one would make the best gift. And, there are also other types of solar gift ideas for less than $100. Be sure to check product ratings so that you can see what previous customers have to say about the various gifts you’re thinking about buying.

What do you think about the products that have been mentioned? They are really neat, aren’t they? You might not have even known that some of these types of products were available. Now you know, and you can get really cool gifts for people. The products mentioned are less than $100, and so you’re not breaking the bank to get those gifts. Be sure to shop around to get the best price for each product you buy, and as always look for promo codes and discounts as the Christmas Season approaches.

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